GEO Fund

The GEO Fund (Global Education Outreach), a key fund which brings the power of education to improve educational infrastructures in developing countries. Silicon Ro Foundation, through corporate and public support provides the tools and training necessary to improve educational programs.

We are there to fill each piece of the puzzle, whether it is through building a new school, establishing a program where teachers get to volunteer overseas to teach the English language, or providing computers and software for students to learn basic computer skills to more advanced areas in computer science, graphic and architectural design and more. The impact that a new educational program can have on a community is extraordinary, education improves the local economy, by creating countless jobs through which a community can flourish.

Silicon Ro is improving educational programs from preschool to university level. The beneficiaries of our program have at their disposal a web of resources provided by our other funds. For instance, we work within a community with local companies, will listen to their needs to find out what skills do they need to help their productivity. We would then take this knowledge and start an educational program from scratch based on the need of the local economy.

Education is one of the most powerful tools that can take a child out of poverty and make him or her all productive member of the workforce. Please support the Global Education Fund with you monetary donation, gifts in kind and by volunteering to teach.

We want to make sure that every child receives the best education, that if the adult have access to specialized training and that we can provide the facilities, the tools, the teachers and the funding to make this mission a success. Please donate!

• Key areas of the Geo Fund

• Building New Schools and facilitating new equipment
• Creating educational programs specific to the community needs
• Education through the help of Volunteer Teachers
• Providing scholorships to gifted students