Disaster Relief Fund
Nature's fury is hard to tame, but by working together with governments and other relief agencies we can lessen the hardships brought on to communities affected by natural disasters. Each year we face floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires , droughts and tsunami s throughout the world. Other disasters can be man named like wars and conflicts which can dislocate millions of people from their homes and make them refugees and even create famines and disease. Silicon Ro Foundation's Emergency Aid Fund focuses on speed and perseverance to get the affected community back to the point where normal day to day life can resume. Planning for a future disaster takes a lot of coordination, training and months of fundraising because when disaster strikes we are ready to respond.

One single disaster can affect millions of people, whether the need calls for search and rescue, providing temporary shelter, food, clean water and medical aid we will be there to for people in need. Your donations are a vital lifeline to the communities affected by natural disasters. Silicon Ro Foundation is not only there in the beginning but we make sure that we stay there until the local organizations are strong enough to take over. It is wonderful to see that when disaster strikes the world can come together and focus strictly on helping people when they are at their lowest point. This gesture is what makes us human beings unique, because no matter what our views or differences are when the time calls for it we stick together like a big family.

Some of our key objectives include:
• Carry out search and rescue missions
• Providing medicines and medical aid
• Setting up temporary shelter in the form of tents and blankets
• Provide clean water
• Provide food and fuel
• Assist in cleanup recovery
With your generous donations our key humanitarian objectives can be completed and together with you our partners we can reach out to the world and show them that humanity can persevere if we work together. Thank you for your donation!