Silicon Ro Foundation a 501(c)(3) nonprofit world charity leader in international aid

We can all recall the story of King Midas and his golden touch, everything he touched would turn to solid gold. Well it's not as simple in real life but when managed right the results can be just as spectacular. This is the purpose of Silicon Ro Foundation's MIDAS Fund , an International fund that combines micro financing, foreign investments, technological aid and startup support to create jobs in emerging economies.

The key focus of this fund is simple, "jobs", handouts and welfare do not create long term development, and are only temporary solutions. There are millions of skilled and unskilled workers who are risking their lives, to make the journey to Industrialized parts of the world because back home there are no job opportunities waiting for them. The ones lucky enough to make it end up sending money back to their families for support. This type of aid again, creates a limited amount of jobs and basically makes the economy dependent on constant aid.

Success is only possible with the creation of jobs in poor and rural areas. MIDAS Fund starts at the ground level with the investments in the small entrepreneurs through their success at the local level will attract the multinational corporations and the true capital to make an economy flourish. A great success example is China.

Developing economies such as in Eastern Europe, Asia, South America need to get stronger in order for them to become nations that eventually invest abroad into Africa. Slowly but surely these nations will become donor nations themselves and be able to make the poorer nations in Africa rise as well.


• Key areas of the MIDAS Fund

• Provide micro financing to small entrepreneurs
• Create local jobs through public works
• Investing in the basic infrastructure-roads, bridges, waterworks, hospitals
• Facilitate joint venture cooperation through fairs and economic pacts

Your donations will enable real long term changes, because in the future when these countries see the real growth in their economies coming from jobs, that is the day when that country no longer is dependent on charity. Please Donate