Culture Fund

The arts which encompass music, art, literary arts, theater and film among others, is an important part of society. It has such a profound importance in fact that without it freedom of speech and expression would be in danger. A nation without culture is a nation that is easy to manipulate, and that is why it is important for the arts to be supported in areas where often transitional governments are present.

Silicon Ro Foundation supports a variety of cultural activities, such as sponsoring young artist that are trying to showcase their work, establishing concerts to showcase young music talent, providing materials to schools to promote music, art, design and architecture. The programs we support are not only entertaining and beautiful but also showcase the freedom of creativity, ideas and thoughts that create a tolerance and a bridge towards civil society..

The term starving artist is interesting because it is not entirely just a financial statement, but a hunger which the artist has to showcase their work, to have an audience. Our mission is to support this hunger because culture is the very backbone of a society. With your generous support we can make sure that cultural programs can still play an important role in today's world and for generations to come. Thank You for your Support.

Here is a list of some of the programs that Silicon Ro Foundation's Cultural Fund supports:

• Art supplies for schools
• Supplying musical equipment to talented youths
• Supporting cultural programs, such as concerts, art shows
• Turning art skills into jobs, integrating computers with art
• Promoting and showcasing art and design with festivals and fairs
• Informing the public on the importance of cult